Abhinav Pragati Samiti is a Non-Profitable and Charitable NGO is incessantly working since 5th Oct 1976 towards the holistic social development in town and nearby rural areas. We have been voluntarily striving to uplift the financial condition of the unprivileged section of society.

We are serving for educational promotions, women empowerment and vocational trainings, poverty alleviation, health care and other programmes. Our aim is to facilitate for the self-sufficiency and overall development of all irrespective of caste, creeds and gender.

Our Projects

Educational Promotion

Abhinav Pragati Samiti strives to facility complete literacy, generate skills and professionals for employment so as foster socio-socio-econmic development...

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Women Empowerment

There are several clear indicators of the fact that Indian women continue to be discriminated against-the sex ratio is skewed against them, maternal...

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Poverty Allevation

The major causes of poverty in India are high population growth, unscientific agriculture practices, agrarian from agriculture, illiteracy, unemployment...

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Health Care

We are organizing various medical camp with the financial help of donors our mission is to improve the health of diverse community it serves through...

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पढ़ेगा बगड़. बढ़ेगा इंडिया.

Fight Against Illiteracy & Poverty

अशिक्षा एंव निर्धनता के विरुद संघर्ष

Approved by Ministry Of Corporate Affairs, Govt. Of India for Corporate Social Responsiblity (CSR)

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